Factual Friday

St. Catherine’s Monastery, almost 1,500 years old, stands at the base of Mount Sinai on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Built between 527 and 561 on the orders of Emperor Justinian.

Travel trivia: St. Catherine’s is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited Christian monasteries.

Photograph by Fernando Moleres, Panos Pictures

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“I’ll stop when I’m married” or “I won’t bring this into my marriage” is usually the rationale. The problem is that there is no superpower in that wedding ring that will magically imbue you with the discipline (and the freedom) to renounce pornography; your ring is not forged in the fires of self-mastery. There’s no switch thrown on your wedding day that will make you impervious to temptations. Nor will your spouse magically satisfy all the illicit sexual fantasies that porn trains your brain to expect.

Marriage will not cure your porn problem; your porn problem will undermine your marriage.

You bring into your marriage who you are, and that includes your daily habits and behaviors. Good habits and bad habits alike take time to cultivate…

– Bobby Angel 
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Catholic Tradition

Pope Benedict XVI has reminded Catholics that the liturgy belongs to Jesus Christ and his Church, and it should not be changed according to individual whims.

“It is not the individual — priest or layman — or the group that celebrates the liturgy, but it is primarily God’s action through the Church, which has its own history, its rich tradition and creativity,” the supreme pontiff stated, 

“This universality and fundamental openness, which is characteristic of the entire liturgy, is one of the reasons why it cannot be created or amended by the individual community or by experts, but must be faithful to the forms of the universal Church,” he stated.