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The room where we keep all the sacred vessels and vestments is called the sacristy. As Sacristans, we are responsible for Mass set-up as well as returning everything back to the sacristy after the Mass, together with the Eucharistic Ministry.

As we celebrate the weekend Masses in the school hall, it means we are fortunate enough to get a lot more ‘behind the scenes’ action than most Sacristans. We are responsible for preparing the altar and setting up for our Eucharistic Celebrations. To do this we also work closely with the priest, Flower Ministry, and also the Music Ministry. Some things during a Mass celebration require some co-ordinating, and we have a wonderful team of people making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

As many hands make light work, we are always happy to accept help in any way for our ministry. We need Sacristans at all our weekend Masses. We are a growing ministry, and we need to assign a number of Sacristans to each particular Mass.

If you are interested in joining our ministry please approach any one of the Sacristans. You only need to commit to whatever time you have or are willing to give.

Should you wish to serve our Lord, or be in His presence whilst performing small tasks to ready the Mass celebration, this is a joyous and rewarding ministry to be a part of.


Co-ordinator: Gina Casasola

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