Creative Ministry

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Hey there!

Welcome to the Creative Ministry page!

I* have a passion and desire to develop and utilize people’s creativity centered around our faith, and with the blessing of Fr D and the PPC have sought to create the Creative Ministry.

The Creative Ministry seeks to develop, nurture and support creative skills of parishioners in order to build the community and the church of God. So anyone can be apart of it.

I* am looking for parishioners who are keen to help build this community in amazing ways by sharing their talents with others through faith and community based projects.

The scope of creativity is limitless, but to start off, we’d like to offer the following:

Graphic Design
(Other areas are being discussed).

So if you have any interest in these (either learning or teaching), or want to find out more about the Creative Ministry, please feel free to come and chat to me.

* I’m looking for parishioners to join me in turn this I into WE.
Adam Kwan


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