Theology of the Body (TOB)


Since 2011, young adults from across Johannesburg South have had their lives revolutionised by Theology of the Body. By tackling relevant issues in a friendly, non-judgemental and unimposing environment, attendees have discovered through their own volition the beauty and truth of God’s purpose and plan for their lives. Theology of the Body does not seek to impose external “rules” of the Church but rather explores its teachings and allows attendees to engage with issues rather than learn hard principles. Many of our young adults at LCC have found that more than an exploration of theology, TOB provides them with a practical blueprint to live out fulfilling and rich lives.

What is Theology of the Body?

Theology of the Body is a body of work developed by Saint John Paul II, which examines the meaning of love, sexuality, marriage and family life as contained in scripture. Theology of the Body explores concepts such as:

  • The meaning of love: How do I know if I am in love?
  • The purpose of sex: Is sex necessary to be happy?
  • Chastity: Are only virgins pure?
  • The purpose of our lives: Why am I here?
  • What it means to be human; and
  • Much much more

At TOB, these concepts are presented through a series of video teachings. Concepts are explored and questioned rather than imposed and memorised. Participants are encouraged to question and relate their own experience.


Who is Theology of the Body for?

TOB is ideally situated for individuals aged between 18 – 30years.

Do I need to be Catholic?

No, TOB explores what it means to be human which is universal across religious groups.

Do I need to attend LinCath?

No, TOB is open to other parishes.

How do I join?

TOB is run at various points throughout the year.

If you’d like to join please contact:

David Wilkinson

083 460 9578

Darold Frankenburg

083 566 6212

TOB Alumni

If you have already done TOB please join us for a monthly get-together. Contact David for more info.


Further links:

South African Johannesburg/South Africa page:



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