“Your blog is too academic for the average christian!”

“Good. Hopefully the average Christian will pick up a couple books and start getting academic. Listen, I’m a twenty year old kid with an education purely from the books on my shelf. The stuff I’m reading really isn’t that high up there. The bar is just set extremely low for Christians to be intellectual. Somewhere along the way we made faith synonymous with anti-intellectualism which is why the secular world still thinks we believe the sun revolves around the earth. We’re are at war with the world and we need to make an explanation and a defense of the faith. We can’t settle for mediocre anti-intellectual Christianity. It’s no longer tenable in this age of secular science and reason.”

via http://pursuitofmore.tumblr.com/post/119453575969/your-blog-is-too-academic-for-the-average?utm_campaign=SharedPost&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=TumblriOS


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