Anonymous said:
How do you deal with loneliness when it comes to you?


Well, first off I cry. I cry because feelings are normal, beautiful, and part of being a human being, it’s only what we do with our feelings that could be potentially wrong (like hurting someone with anger or something). After that, I get a crucifix, or a printed (and laminated) photo of Jesus on the Cross and I focus on His Wounds, the sweat and blood on His face, dirt on His feet. I think about His suffering from the pain, His thirst, how much it hurt Him to see the ones He loved watch Him die and suffer slowly, how much He longed for us, loved us. Then I think about Him imagining me, my face, my life, all my sins and imagine Him saying my name with love, and slowly looking up to look at me. After this point I’m usually passed out from crying to sleep, but a lot happier about the fact that I’m not really truly alone. I just feel alone because there is only one thing that will really truly satisfy me and my restless heart and that will be entering Heaven to be with my Love and my Life, Jesus.


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