Go Now

“In our weakness our souls just go “Lord, I need more of You.” and God responds by saying “I know.” This is when we are brought back to that place where we were first set ablaze. He brings us back, because sometimes we go too far, and we need to be reminded that God goes at His own pace. We need only to return to Him when our souls are weary, spending time with God in quiet solitude brings back the love we need so desperately. We must never forget our true hope in times of hardship, how we don’t have to look forward but to Christ, He is present when we are often absent. Wake up, beloved, and know that God is quick to restore the weak in spirit, because He longs to see His children provided for and nourished. He lets no one go unrestored, when we are eager to be restored; no matter how you feel, He has chosen you, and those He chooses will be blessed even in weakness.”
T.B. LaBerge // Go Now

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