In the beginning of June 1674, Jesus gave St. Margaret Mary Alacoque these petitions:
– You are to receive Communion as often as obedience will permit you.
– During the night of Thursday through Friday I shall make you share in that mortal sadness that I willed to feel in the Garden of Olives; sadness which will reduce you to a kind of agony more dreadful to endure than death.
– To accompany me in this humble prayer that I shall then present to my Father amid all my anguish, you will rise between eleven o’clock and midnight, and prostrate yourself for one hour with me, your face against the ground, to appease the divine anger by begging mercy for sinners,and also to lessen in some manner the anguish I experienced in my abandonment by my apostles, which forced me to reproach them for not having been able to watch one hour with me.
Behold this heart which has so loved men that it has spared nothing, even to the point of spending itself and being consumed to prove its love to them. And in return, I receive from most men only ingratitude because of their irreverence and sacrileges and the coldness and scorn they have for me in this Sacrament of love. But what offends me most is that hearts consecrated to me act in this way. Do thou at least console me by supplying for their ingratitude, as far as thou art able.



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