On Emotions

I’m so glad my faith is not based on feelings. If it was, I would have abandoned my religion long ago. If my feelings dictated whether I prayed, went to Mass and adoration, and my confession schedule, I’d never do any of those things. I would sleep in on Sundays and never feel responsible for any of my sins. At the first sign of trouble, I’d yell at the Lord and ask Him why He left me to fight alone. Being swayed by my emotions, I would make decisions about my life that would result in regrettable consequences. Simply put, if my feelings were the basis for my religious beliefs, I wouldn’t have any.
However, I didn’t choose my religion based on feelings. Catholicism occasionally provides comfort, but more often it is painful to grow and change and conform to the Cross. I choose to go to Mass at parishes where I’m not going to just hear that Jesus loves me, but places where I’m going to be challenged to love Jesus more completely by changing my habits and attitudes.
I go to daily Mass. I go to adoration daily. I say the rosary daily. I go to confession weekly. These may have started out because of a feeling, but I didn’t continue them because of my feelings. I much prefer to sleep in most days or go to another room at work on my lunch break or spend my Saturday afternoon napping. But because these are habits born out of love of God, a choice to love Jesus more and daily, I continue to pray and make sacrifices to put Jesus at the center of my day and life.
Catholicism is not easy. If it is comfortable, you’re doing it wrong. If you rely on your emotion to move forward in your prayer life, you won’t. But, loving Jesus, loving anyone, is a choice you have to make daily. Even when it’s hard. Even when you would rather sleep in. Even when you don’t feel His presence. Even when it hurts. Even when you don’t want to.



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