Holiday Club 2014


Check out the our galleries for photos of the Holiday Club 2014!

This year saw another very successful holiday club run at LCC. In 2012 around 40 kids attended, in 2013 around 60, and this year over 100 kids attended the fun-filled week held at the Marist Brother’s school.

The LCC holiday club provides learners from gr00-gr7 with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the Christian message in a theme-style, community-orientated and fun-filled environment. It also strengthens the bonds between the learners from the primary and the high school, allows the learners from the high school to develop their Christian leadership potential, while all the time developing the relationships within the LCC community family for the future.

One of the sure signs that God is present in a Christian community is where there is unity and joy – and the 2014 LCC holiday club provided that in abundance. The LCC holiday club reinforces the essential Christian message that the experience of true joy and fulfilment comes to us when we make a sincere gift of ourselves to others.

Congratulations to Dayle and all the high school leaders for the very successful week of the 2014 LCC holiday club, not forgetting of course Tracey and Lesia, and all the mums who helped in the ‘back room’. We look forward to the next LCC holiday club in 2015.

– Fr d


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