LinCath a place for growth

The Comms team have been hard at work on this new website. Just recently there was a drive to post a photo of those involved in each ministry. Only when we began uploading the photos did we discover that this community has such a wide variety of ministries, and we were shocked to see what that list has grown to, being involved myself, never really had a visual grasp of every ministry. LinCath is such a dynamic parish with so many parishioners volunteering here and there! Part of it can be attributed to the hands on approach of every parishioner but looking closer… There’s something so much more. The Holy Spirit must be at work!

Week by week it seems that there are new faces at the masses.

LinCath sets a standard which is an example and a sign of the universal church in our modern era. The Catholic Church is alive and well in the team work of parishioners.

Volunteer in one of a wide range of ministries on our Ministry page by getting in touch with the co-ordinator.

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